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Dental Implants: A Solid Choice

We’re fortunate to live in the age of modern healthcare, full of advancements and new options. But sometimes more also means more questions, more confusion. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, you’ll find the array of options has grown significantly. But with the right guidance, finding the solution that’s best for you isn’t difficult. Dental implants open the door to solving many challenges in a way that provides a lifetime of benefits. Our team can help you put the pieces back together, and will consider numerous factors in our discussions with you.

Bridging The Gap

As you’re driving along, you’ve probably marveled at the engineering behind a bridge that whisks you from one shore to another. Critical support on each side bears the load, year after year. A dental bridge works much the same way.  Teeth on either side of a space can be used to support a replacement tooth engineered from durable materials. While this option often serves for a number of years, the load-bearing teeth may deteriorate after thousands of chewing cycles. In some cases, this leads to more missing teeth.

A removable partial denture can also be used to replace missing teeth, although it’s not always easy to tolerate. It may feel loose and uncomfortable and stress the surrounding teeth. So when a dental bridge or removable partial denture is chosen, it needs to be designed to minimize the strain on the rest of your mouth. This is a vital assessment that your dentist can make, and help you decide if either of these are the best choice for your mouth.

Replicating Nature

In many cases, dental implants offer a better alternative and take stress off the chewing system.  When carefully placed in the bone of the empty space, they mimic the roots of the teeth. This means they bear the load the natural tooth used to hold, sparing the neighboring teeth from excessive forces. In some cases, two implants may be used to build a bridge spanning from one solid titanium piece to another. As the spaces grow larger more implants may be used in various combinations, even to firmly support full dentures.

A Solid Choice, A Solid Plan

Although the planning becomes more complicated with larger spaces, our team will help you create a plan that fits the puzzle pieces into a masterpiece. Modern porcelains bring the brilliance of natural tooth surfaces to your smile. Blending years of scientific research with living art, single or multiple missing teeth may soon be a problem of your past.

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